Revenue Trading platform Monet emerges from stealth

Abu Zabi, United Arab Emirates Nov 1, 2023 ( - The platform provides SaaS companies with the option of raising growth capital based on annual recurring revenue streams, an attractive alternative to traditional means of either restrictive debt or dilutive equity funding rounds.

Monet is giving companies with recurring revenue streams the ability to access capital more flexibly, dynamically, and at a lower cost than ever before. Instead of being forced to offer deep discounts for year-long contracts that are paid upfront, companies now have the ability to monetize monthly and quarterly revenue streams for upfront capital. And they can do so as quickly and frequently as their sales and marketing team can.

With a baseline of a demonstrable ARR of $100,000, high-growth SaaS businesses simply need to complete a 5-minute application process that includes connecting the companys accounts to Monets systems. From here, Monets proprietary data model then evaluates core metrics, including churn and growth and can deliver a yay or nay in less than 24 hours.

If an application is successful, Monet can offer a startup 12-months of upfront cash at a small discount against the expected value of the cash flow. The discount is the key to Monets revenue model. An example: If a SaaS subscription model is based on a monthly fee of $10 ($120 annually), Monet provides $115 upfront, netting the company $5.

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Companies can increase and speed revenue to grow faster and ultimately eliminate the timing gap between customer acquisition and collecting revenue. explains co-founder of Monet Ammar Bin Rasheed) we are an alternative to equity raises, which force owners to dilute their interests, Monet will move beyond software to all recurring revenue business models, private and public Ultimately will address all revenue that has a degree of predictability on a global scale.

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