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Torino, Piemonte Dec 22, 2022 ( - Sasco Osayamen Hope William better known by his stage name "Sasco Breez" is a rapper, singer, producer DJ and dance hall artist.

Sasco Breez father and mother, are indigenes of Edo State, Sasco Breez Was Born in Edo State Nigeria on the 3rd of August, 1995 to a family of 5 boys..

Sasco Breez was raised by a single mother called Osasuyi Osayamen. With his Other four brothers in Edo Benin city Nigeria.

He was washing cars just to survive and bring food to the table, he also said there was a time someone came to get his car washed, he left the car with him and he never knew that there was money inside the car, there was a boy who works together with him at the car wash, He stole the money from the car, after the owner of the car came to take his car, and about 10 minutes later he returned back to complain that the money inside his car has been stolen, he said I left Five hundred thousand inside my car, which is nowhere to be found.

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He later involved the police, after the investigation, they still accused him of stealing the money but later they find out that he wasnt guilty his coworker in the car wash was the one behind the stolen money, so the man had to apologized to him, he then said young boy i am very sorry, youre just an innocent boy, he later gave him Five thousand ( Dollars )He said take this, its a gift for your Christmas. 

He said Sasco you are a good boy keep it up, he said I feel so bad because I never expected something like that will ever happen in my life.

That was when he decided that he will never work in the Carwash again in his life, he had to chase his dream. #sascobreez

Here is the link to his song 

Sasco Breez Wins Best EP of the YearIMG 20210228 WA0034

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