TradeCasa Review: A Better For Sale By Owner Real Estate Option To Sell Your Home

Grand Island, New York Aug 7, 2022 ( - Since the dawn of the internet era, the real estate industry has experienced remarkable changes. Particularly, the DIY concept of selling real estate, commonly known as For Sale By Owner has virtually exploded in recent years. FSBO vendors today have numerous options in selling their homes for sale by owner, as there seem to be new models available readily. TradeCasa has quietly entered the market in 2016. But in recent years, has become one of the fastest-growing FSBO marketing platforms on the market and it certainly deserves consideration.

Listing Setup and Market Reach

What immediately caught our attention about TradeCasa is its simplicity of use and marketing reach. The company has a solid marketing presence in every US state and province in Canada, with active home listings in almost every major city, including thousands of sold properties. A global marketing FSBO platform of this magnitude typically requires a cumbersome listing process and/or complicated contracts. On TradeCasa, we were able to publish our home listing in less than 3 minutes, granted we had our photos and description prepared, the final listing presentation looked very professional. The listing showcase also formats beautifully on all mobile devices, without the need for downloading any external apps. In our opinion, the listing presentation is much cleaner looking than any other competitors in this space.

Listing Package Options and Costs

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The old saying of you get what you pay for does not seem to apply to TradeCasa. They are for sale by owner packages and remain highly affordable. In fact, you can create a basic listing for just $99. Their basic listing package offers unlimited time exposure on the site, with access to numerous sales tools and resources, but only 5 property photos which are generally not enough in our opinion. But for this price, you certainly cannot complain. Their Premium Listing package starts at $199 (one-time fee) and offers some of the best FSBO marketing tools and resources we have seen, including contract preparation tools. We elected their top package, Premium Plus ($249), which also adds a branded FSBO sign and frame. The sign product is designed to direct viewers to your listing showcase and certainly did its job while standing out on the street. Although we loved the sign, they do not offer any branded open house or directional arrow signs, which would really complete the outdoor sign marketing package. But, the overall value remains exceptional, you get a lot of marketing and support for a very reasonable price.

Business Model and Results

When it comes to FSBO marketing, online exposure and finding buyers without buyers agents is a must. Many FSBO vendors will often pay a buyers agent commission as their buyer elected to be represented by an agent. TradeCasa seems to uphold a true FSBO model, by allowing you to optionally flag your listing as exclusive, in essence filtering out all leads from buyers agents or buyers working with agents. We loved this approach as it encouraged buyers to remain exclusive and limited the number of contacts from agents. However, the downside of this model is that TradeCasa does not offer any external listing syndication to other major sites, particularly MLS®. This may seem like a downfall, but if you are after selling without any commission, this simply makes sense.

What We Like

  • No complicated contracts or commitments
  • Easy listing setup and simple site to use
  • Brilliant listing presentation on desktop & mobile
  • Strong online national and global marketing reach
  • Powerful network media campaigns to attract FSBO buyers
  • Highly affordable listing options with useful FSBO tools
  • Fantastic FSBO branded signage with nice frames
  • Exclusive buyer audience and fewer agent calls than others
  • Genuine commission-free FSBO results

What We Dislike

  • Relatively newer company with a shorter history
  • No listing syndication to other realty sites
  • No browsing map for mobile devices
  • No open house or directional signage is available


There is no hesitation to conclude that TradeCasa offers one of the better alternatives in the for sale by owner real estate space. For those homeowners looking to go at it alone who really want to save all the commission this is the FSBO site of choice. Offering tremendous marketing value and exceptional FSBO tools, their approach to marketing to exclusive buyers is difficult to beat. The only downside is a lack of external listing syndication on other major sites, but that may be a good thing if you want to save the entire pot of loot. You can visit their site at


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