Bay Voyager Makes Boat Tours an Opportunity to Strengthen Family Bonds

San Francisco, California Jul 19, 2022 ( - When vacationing in San Francisco, you will realize that there are so many things to do and see. Besides the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and Fishermans Wharf, you will be able to see amazing sunsets, get awe-inspiring views of the city, and see jumping whales frolicking in the San Francisco Bay.

While you can ride the cable cars and get a glimpse of the city, Bay Voyager brings you another side of the city that is often overlooked. The company specializes in boat tours and offers something for everyone. Whether you are in the city with your family, friends, or alone, you will be able to find a boat tour that is just right for you.

Family-friendly Boat Tours

In case you are looking for family fun activities in San Francisco, you cannot go wrong with Bay Voyagers family-friendly boating tours that enable all age groups to have fun while cruising the SF Bay.

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Bay Voyager offers three unique tours for families Touch of Gold Excursion, Twilight Cruise, and Combo Tour. These three tours enable you to cruise around San Francisco Bay. The captain managing the cruise boat ensures you are never bored during the trip. He offers an engaging commentary that you will love to hear and welcomes you to ask questions.

This boat tour is great not just for families with kids but also for adults, who are interested in the history of the Bay area. The tours enable you to get close and personal with Alcatraz, Fort Mason, Ferry Building, Hyde St. Pier National Historic Maritime Park, Fort Point, Marina District, Yerba Buena, Treasure Island, and much more. Most of these points of attraction are located in the vicinity of the bay, and taking a boat tour allows you to not only reach them quickly but you can also see them up close.

San Francisco Sightseeing Tours

Rather than spending hours on the street trying to reach attractions along the Bay area, you can choose Bay Voyagers sightseeing tours. These SF Bay boating tours can transform simple sightseeing into an adventure. 
You can cruise in a high-powered RIB and get amazing views of Pier 39, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz Island. Of course, these tours are dependent on the weather but what you see you will never forget and keep yearning to return to catch another glimpse. It can be an awe-inspiring experience to see the Golden Gate Bridge from below. The residents take this bridge for granted but those visiting San Francisco can see this 1.7-mile-long bridge from a different perspective.

The tours also enable you to visit the iconic Pier 39, where you will be able to check out the K-dock. This dock was modified in 1990, when sea lions from California started migrating here. Today, the dock houses 1.5K migrating sea lions and it is a sight to behold.

Bay Voyager sightseeing tours also allow you to appreciate the citys skyline. You can see the Salesforce Tower, Coit Tower and lighthouse, and the Transamerica Tower from the water. The Salesforce Tower is the tallest building in the city. 

Discover San Francisco Bays History

San Francisco is renowned for its history. Most people do not even know that Angel Island in the city functioned as the West Coasts Ellis Island or that Alcatraz Island was used for a short while as a college for Native Americans from California. When you choose historical San Francisco boat rides, you will be able to learn a lot about the citys history.

The boat rides by Bay Voyager take you to Fort Mason, which was used as a base by the US Army for more than 100 years and played a significant role during World War II. Even today, the US military uses the housing area of the fort while the rest of the space is utilized by the local community.

Another attraction that you will visit will be the Point Bonita Lighthouse. Located at the peak of Hawk Hill, this lighthouse has the distinction of being one of the oldest in the West Coat. It was also the first lighthouse on the West Coast to use fog signals.

Many of the ships and vessels from the days gone by are still docked along the Embarcadero and Fishermans Wharf. You can check out the SS Jeremiah OBrien, which is one of the two Liberty Ships in existence. This ship supported the US troops during World War II and undertook many voyages to England, Northern Ireland, India, South America, and Australia. You will be overcome with emotions when you check out this historical ship.

Why Choose Bay Voyager for Boat Tours?

While there are many boating companies that specialize in boat tours of the SF Bay, Bay Voyager leaves its competition behind. It not only offers a variety of tours for discerning visitors, but it also ensures you have a bespoke experience.

Here are some reasons why Bay Voyager is the preferred choice for boating in Bay Area:

The company has more than 1,000 5-star reviews on Yelp, Google, and TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor has consistently ranked Bay Voyager as the number one boating company for SF Bay tours

It offers family-friendly boating tours

The tours are designed to not only entertain but also to help visitors learn strange facts, history, and pop culture

It is one of the few boat tour companies in San Francisco that allows visitors to get close to the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge

Book Your SF Bay Boat Tour Today!

If you are keen to have an adventure of a lifetime with the number one boating company in San Francisco, now is the right time to book a spectacular boat tour. Bay Voyager will ensure that you take home memories that you will cherish forever. You can even book a private charter if you want more privacy. 


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