Diary of a fashion influencer 2022

Ashbourne, Derby Dec 16, 2022 (Issuewire.com) - The question is do you need influencer marketing for your brand? Keep reading for a real interview from a fashion influencer to find out.

Social media is a powerful tool, which can help brands become discovered through the power of social media/influencer marketing.

Not only this but It also helps bring exposure to small creators (influencers). Helping to show off their content and grow their audience. 

As a brand, influencer marketing is the new mainstream way of marketing. An influencer is anyone who has a high following in a specific niche, for example, Fashion, Beauty, Fitness, or lifestyle. Which the influencer will highly engage with on a daily basis.

The brand and influencer will then agree on a contract between themselves and will collaborate whether this is a paid collaboration or a gifted collaboration. The brand will pay the influencer to advertise and promote their brand with a paid collaboration however within a gifted collaboration agreement the brand will simply send the influencer a product to promote and keep without any payment, therefore, being Gifted. 

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Smaller influencers just starting up will tend to proceed with gifted collaboration as they are still trying to grow their audience. Whereas bigger influencers will be more prone to receiving paid collaborations. 

Recently a new rising star influencer has been noticed in the fashion niche community. @raising_ajs (Instagram Https://www.instagram.com/raising_ajs/) has been staring on the explore page for a while now. Self is described as a Plus-size influencer showing the world what fashion looks like on a bigger body. @raising_ajs was asked to elaborate on what this means following an online interview. Fashion brands and sites always seem to show their clothing on a smaller model which is great and looks fantastic however its no secret that fashion looks different on everybody especially those who have a bigger build like myself. So Im trying to show the world what the clothing looks like on people with a similar figure to myself. There have been numerous amount of times I have purchased fashion online and its looked totally different on me than it does advertise on the model so have had to return the clothing.

following this statement from @raising_ajs, it is clear that the influencer is trying to promote body positivity to the world by showing them how fashion really looks on similar figures. @raising_ajs has a high following of 11k + and a high engagement rate with their audience. The influencer has partnered up with a number of fashion brands to promote their clothing and accessories. Keeping their Feed stylish and also seasonal year-round. 

Influencers are a big part of growing businesses and getting the exposure needed by the brand. 

Source :Raising_ajs

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