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Delhi, India Sep 23, 2022 ( - Riding the direct-to-consumer wave in India, Esham Care has launched a natural haircare brand Serapure Essentials. Serapure's entry into the natural hair care space is most timely as consumers are shifting to natural products. Staying true to its tagline "Safe + Powerful, Naturally", Serapure brings well-researched and powerful and naturally derived ingredients in its product range which covers shampoos, conditioners, hair serums and hair masks.

Serapure's recently launched Extreme Hydration and Moisture Pro Shampoo has seen a great market response. It combines scientifically backed hydrating ingredients like glycerine, aloe vera, coconut oil and plant-based biotin protein which work on different layers of the hair shaft, making hair healthy from within.

Serapure has also taken a unique approach to reaching out to its consumers. The brand has mindfully built out a hair aficionados' community, which has swelled to over 10,000 members. The community helps the brand to understand market needs and nuances. Serapure relies heavily on user-generated data to create a product funnel. This hand-in-glove approach with users has given Serapure a boost to brand adoption and repeat purchases.

In the coming months, Serapure aims to launch its "Food For Hair" series that will pick the most nourishing ingredients like honey, banana, curd, etc., and formulate a one-of-a-kind hair care routine for Indian hair types. 

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