Find the true meaning of living with Mayank Tiwari’s latest publication ‘Life’s Map’

Telangana, India Feb 21, 2022 ( - Based on a true story, Mayank Tiwari has come up with his latest book Lifes Map, a new beginning from death to transformation. The author has shown his creativity in writing by crafting a story that consists of a lot of motivational self-help elements. He believes human lives have a greater meaning and purpose that often gets neglected by the day-to-day struggle and many distractions that change the course of ambition in life. This latest book by Mayank will help the readers find a new and true meaning of life that shows the path of eternal office. It has been published on January 28 this year and is available on Amazon for purchase.

The subject matter of the book revolves around two brothers namely Sahil and Nikhil. Sahil passes away with a tragedy and leaves a big void in his younger brother Nikhils life. While Nikhil tries to cope with the incident, he faces a lot of struggle and finds himself immensely lonely and helpless. Somewhere between the journey of life, death, and misery; Nikhil tries to find the true meaning of living and finally realizes the joy of eternal happiness. But how did he overcome his mental turmoil? Find out more by purchasing Mayanks latest book Lifes Map.

Even though the story is based on the central character Nikhil, the author has beautifully brought relatable references that help readers find a Nikhil within everyone who is struggling with pain. The story is based on a true incident of the death of the authors elder brother and his journey from enlightenment. Such a motivational self-help book can help everyone find their peace of mind while rectifying the follies on the way. Mayank Tiwaris latest book Lifes Map is truly providing the answers to achieve the true purpose. Visit to know more.

The book is available in all formats on e-commerce websites in India and worldwide.

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