For low-skilled service workers, the pandemic may be the least of their worries

As changes in the work and business world make some job industries obsolete, the risk of numerous people becoming jobless and fall into poverty is not only real but is happening right now.

Washington, Virginia Mar 24, 2021 ( - Radeya Global Founder's new book Accounting Software Supplement may be a lifeline for some.

Millions of jobs were affected by the pandemic, lockdowns, and social distancing requirements. But that's not the biggest upheaval happening in the employment world.

Pandemics and lockdowns are hopefully temporary. They'll go away. But something bigger is changing the work world and affecting millions of people's livelihoods.

The biggest concern: unlike the pandemic, it's not going away.

Many types of jobs are disappearing because of technology advancement, automation, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Whole industries are being changed. The heaviest hit is in the service and low skilled industries that are easily replaced by robots, bots, and apps.

As AI integrates society, a greater number of jobs are becoming obsolete. We've seen customer service jobs in the fast food industry be replaced by robots and self-service machines. The same is happening in supermarkets. These changes have put millions of people at risk of losing their livelihoods and throwing them into homelessness and poverty. What's more, many of these workers have no alternative skills or even know how to progress to a different career.

This means millions of people need to upgrade their skills if they want to secure their financial futures.

Upgrading skills to tech, office work, management, or consulting skills allow you to get out of the diminishing industries that are being affected by world changes and AI. It also opens many doors for progress and advancement.

Upgrading skills is similar to opening a door. Once the door is open, many paths appear in the office administration/tech/ self-employed areas.

From getting regular office jobs to creating and selling apps to providing VA, accounting, admin, or IT services from your home, the opportunities are many.

What is the effect of upgrading skills on your salary? While cashiers and waiters earn around $12 per hour on average, bookkeepers, office admins, and entry-level accountants earn around $20 - $30 per hour.

That's the potential to nearly doubling your hourly rate when you upgrade your skills.

More advanced skills and tech skills can result in greater pay potential as well as higher demand.

To help those who are at the greatest risk of losing their jobs to technological changes, Radeya Global Founder Kokab Rahman has written the books Accounting for Beginners and Accounting Software Supplement.

Accounting Software Supplement, her newest book - priced at just $3.99 for e-book and $8 for paperback-, further helps you to progress to an office career by learning to use accounting software. The book teaches accounting software in a simplified manner, allowing you to learn to use accounting software in the comfort of your home using just your computer and not have to make any expensive course investments.

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Accounting for Beginners teaches the basics of manual accounting and bookkeeping and is priced only $1 for the ebook version.

The books are part of Kokab's Skills Development Series and enable you to learn vital skills with very little investment and have the opportunity to change your life. They are available from Amazon in ebook and paperback formats

And once you get into the world of office admin work, the paths are many.

Accounting Software Supplement ranks #3 in office management books.

Accounting for Beginners and Accounting for Beginners Accounting Software Supplement is available from Amazon in ebook format. Use the links to buy your copy and get started on securing your future:

Accounting Software Supplement ebook

Accounting Software Supplement paperback*:

Accounting for Beginners* ebook:

Accounting for Beginners paperback: 

Also in the Skills Development Series: Handbook of Remote Work Opportunities* (ebooks*) also just $1 (USD) for the ebook version.

* Note: Up to 30% of the after tax book sales revenue is used to support refugee and needy families who have no other source of income.

Accounting for Beginners, Accounting Software Supplement, and Handbook of Remote Work Opportunities are written by Kokab Rahman, Founder and CEO of Radeya Global. Radeya Global provides superior quality business and career services that have helped clients get jobs at reputed multinational companies.. Kokab Rahman is a Contributor for Entrepreneur.  


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