Lidia's Dolls Save New Jersey Shorelines with Upcycled One of a Kind Dolls

Tuckerton, New Jersey Jan 11, 2022 ( - New Jersey waterways have long been a source of concern for environmentalists, and now one small-town New Jersey businesswoman is tackling pollution one doll at a time. Meet Lidia LoPinto, owner of Lidia's Dolls. The clean ocean crusader is saving the planet by refurbishing unwanted dolls.

According to advocates like, plastic is "harming marine and human health, littering beaches and landscapes, clogging waste streams and landfills." Furthermore, a NY/NJ Baykeeper study estimates some 165 million plastic particles are suspended in New York and New Jersey's Harbor Estuary waters. LoPinto is doing her part to clean up the Tristate area waterways by repurposing dolls; since her start, Lidia's Dolls upcycled 1200 pounds of material to turn it into exquisite pre-owned dolls.

LoPinto, a green planet advocate, says Lidia's Dolls is a place where you can find "Beautiful, one-of-a-kind dolls made from recycled plastic. They are beautifully detailed and make great gifts for children or collectors. Buy them now to reduce waste and save the planet!"

The upcycled dolls are restored with care and a less expensive option to the high-end figures for sale. Refurbishing, One of a Kind (OOAK) dolls is an ingenious idea birthed and designed by Ms. LoPinto, who is on a mission to prevent plastic from getting into the ocean and killing marine life. Both Ocean Crusaders and Conserve Turtles report that plastic kills 1 million sea birds annually and that plastic entanglement alone kills an estimated 100,000 marine animals each year. With the help of LoPinto and businesses like Lidia's Dolls we can save the planet from plastic pollution.

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LoPinto knows little girls love dolls, but by the time they hit their pre-teen years, most of them discard their forgotten dollies in closets only to resurface at neighborhood garage sales or family trash bags. With 80% of all toys ending up in landfills and each one taking 15 years or more to break down this is a tall order for green advocates to correct. Lidia's Dolls is a step in the right direction with salvaged gems that are restored to treasured items once again.

Each doll is handcrafted with meticulous care. The upcycling process begins by purchasing the dolls from thrift stores and collectors in bulk. After sitting on shelves for some time, they are musty, dirty, and in need of care and fumigation to make them presentable. The dolls are then dismantled, where each part is sanitized in a professional washing machine. Next, the head is hand washed, and the hair is shampooed thoroughly. From there, the doll goes into a professional dryer. Finally, after being reassembled with a new spiffy hairdo, each refurbished beauty is given a hand-sewn outfit and a new name.

These (OOAK) gifts are perfect for celebrating any occasion, including Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or even Valentine's Day. Lidia's extensive collection promises to have something unique for the savvy shopper.

Lidia's heartfelt dedication to this cause is expressed in her motto to "Save the planet while saving money." To make a purchase and help save the planet, please go

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