Natural supplements compensate for the loss of Iron during menstruation

Young and middle-aged ladies require over twice the amount of Iron that men do. The reason is menstruation. Menstruating ladies lose Iron, and ladies who have heavy bleeding lose the most. Heavy periods remain a prevalent reason for iron deficiency. However, this loss can be compensated. 

The amount of Iron that Menstruating ladies need varies. Ladies aged between 19 and 50 years need 18 mg daily. Ladies of the same age range who’re vegetarians need 32 mg daily.

How can menstruating ladies have more Iron?

The first stride towards more iron content in the diet is iron-rich foods that include beans, meat, and fortified cereals. The Lucky Iron Fish is useful when this does not suffice or for people who can't have such food. It puts inIron of between 5 and 10 mg to the cooking water. 

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How to fulfill iron needs during menstruation

Ladies can meet their menstrual hunger by preparing a hearty mushroom soup with this Iron Fish. Whole grain bread and Marmite go wellwith the soup and also supply thiamin and riboflavin. They could offer respite from premenstrual symptoms.

What about ladies who feel crampy? A solution is drinking Natural Menstruation Tea having ginger and honey. Another solution is the adaptogens. However, adaptogenic herbs work better in combinations. A potent blend is holy basil, Rhodiola, ashwagandha, and cordyceps.A GP will be able to find an effective combo.

Menstruating ladies who wish for something sweetcan prepare a mango smoothie with Greek yogurt and water of this iron fish.

This iron fish and adaptogenic herbs are available for a substantial discount on This online supplement store has a wide selection of products of the top brands. The store also does price matching for a supplement selling at a lesser price on another online store in Canada.

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