Netvue Launched Rich Reward for Bird Lovers to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Their Backyard Friends

Los Angeles, California Nov 7, 2022 ( - With Thanksgiving just a few days away, it's time to dish up for family and friends! While everyone is celebrating with their loved ones in the warmth and comfort of home, there are still feathered friends looking for food to get through the upcoming cold winter.

November is the annual migratory season for many birds. They might pass by on their travels, or leave the yard and head south. Either way, their journey will not be easy. As the weather gets cold, water sources may freeze and food sources may wither or be covered by ice and snow, leaving migratory birds searching for hot water to keep warm and food to stock up from dawn to dusk. In this Thanksgiving season, why not share some love and thanks with natural friends and help them get sufficient energy to survive the winter?

Create A Memorable Thanksgiving with Netvue

In this season of love and sharing, Netvue provides bird lovers the best opportunity to showcase the wonderful feast they have prepared for their backyard visitors. Starting in 2010, Netvue has developed a wide range of smart home devices including both indoor and outdoor solutions for the global market. Birdfy is the latest innovation project that is designed to revolutionize global birdwatching experiences. As the world's first smart bird feeder with a superior AI bird recognition camera, Birdfy has been creating fantastic birding experiences for customers to feel closer to nature and help birds and other wildlife in their backyards.

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This November, Birdfy will celebrate its first birthday since its launch. To express the greatest gratitude to Birdfy customers and bird lovers around the world, Netvue is launching the #Birdfydinner - Thanksgiving Dinner Competition for every nature lover to join in and share our love and appreciation for birds and other animals this Thanksgiving season. Participants can prepare a hearty meal on Netvue's Birdfy or their own bird feeder, and take photos or videos with their own cameras or Netvue's products to record special moments. Most importantly, they can share pictures on social media with us for a chance to win up to $5,000!

Event Details:

  • Prepare creative dinners for birds on Birdfy or participants own feeder and share photos or videos on Facebook/TikTok/Twitter/Instagram.
  • Post with the tags #BirdfyDinner #thanksgivingdinner #netvuebirdfy, and @netvue official account. (e.g., I prepare a big dinner for my lovely birds. @Netvue #BirdfyDinner #thanksgivingdinner #thanksgiving)
  • Follow Netvue official account.
  • Join the Facebook Group "Backyard Birds Lovers" to improve your chance of winning the bonus.

Awards and Bonuses:

Best Creative Award - 1 person

Participation Award - Up to 20 people

*Award-winners will be selected by Netvue.

Tips for Preparing Food and Care for Backyard Friends

To get through the long-distance journey, migratory birds may visit everyones yard more frequently in search of coverage and probably leftovers to get plenty of energy to sustain their long flights. Specifically, a migrating bird may need to maintain a body temperature of 108 degrees Fahrenheit while travelling, thus it is highly important to provide heated water and high-fat treats to stay hydrated and replete for calories burnt.

Preparing some hot water and high-energy food will help these feathered friends keep their temperatures and get survive during the long journey. Suet and peanut butter can be the most beneficial choices to attract a great variety of bird species to backyards. For a relatively low-cost choice, participants can just simply gather bird feeds, such as pine cones, seeds, and fruits. Despite preparing supplements for the migrating birds, participants can also prepare bird feeders and birdhouses with holiday decorations to create a warm, cozy, and happy thanksgiving season for them.

The event starts from November 1st to 30nd, and the activity will last for a month. Netvue will announce the winners on December 1st. The more participants mean the bigger the bonus, Netvue invites all nature and bird lovers to participate and dish up for both their family and backyard friends to celebrate a warm and happy Thanksgiving!


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