Pay it Forward, A mission to positively impact on one billion lives worldwide.

London, United Kingdom Oct 19, 2022 ( - Women of Contribution Global Limited are excited to share the release of their latest Pay it Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self book volume 4, in collaboration with the Imperfectly Perfect Campaign, which is due to be released on the 30th of November 2022.

This unique, international best-selling anthology book series was created with one mission in mind, to positively impact one billion lives worldwide as it shares stories of adversity, mistakes, and failures with others so they don´t feel alone, and with the fourth edition coming soon, they are well on their way to making this happen.

The concept of the Pay it Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self was the idea of Positive Psychologist and CEO of Women of Contribution, Kezia Luckett, as she pondered a series of questions for her Master's in Applied Positive Psychology, one of which was If you could go back to a moment of adversity, what advice would you give your younger self now that you have the hindsight of time, and would you change anything if you could?.

This line of questioning would not only end up becoming her focus for her thesis in her Master, but also a revolutionary, therapeutic modality focused on self-compassion, and a series of books from authors across the globe, sharing words of wisdom, knowledge, and inspiration as they write back to their younger selves at pivotal moments.

The Pay it Forward Series has featured over 55 entrepreneurial women in 15 different countries over the last 4 years, offering its readers a roadmap to navigate the ups and downs of life, safe in the knowledge that others have walked the path before.

Mistakes, failures, and moments of adversity are part of the human experience, and in sharing them not only can the negativity associated with it be dismantled, but as a human collective we can learn to be more compassionate with ourselves and others.

Positively changing a personal story to empower, rather than disempower is easier than you think, especially when the memory is so fallible. Reflecting on the past in hindsight of time can offer a new perspective, a different lens of the world, one where emotions can be quietened down and positivity can be extracted from the turn of events.

This book not only pays forward stories, but it also has a unique ask of the reader as they are invited to become part of the global movement. Once the reader has finished reading the book, they write their own message of hope and inspiration in the message box at the front of the book, and then place a post-it note on the front of the book that reads THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU. READ IT. LOVE IT. PAY IT FORWARD leaving it for a stranger to find on a park bench, café or even on the train. Spreading hope, wisdom, knowledge, and inspiration.

From abuse to internet dating scams, from manslaughter to breakdown, each courageous author that has written their chapter has not only turned their moment of adversity into a beacon of hope and inspiration for others, but they have also showcased how their personal experience became a springboard for them helping others.

In this edition, Kezia Luckett decided to collaborate with the Imperfectly Perfect Campaign, a global movement changing the narrative around mental health and well-being, and with that introduced, men to share their stories too.

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With so many people suffering with their mental health and worried about sharing and speaking up about their experiences for fear of judgment, this book and stories showcase the power that comes with having the courage to speak up, and the ripple effect that can be felt through the human experience.

This latest volume of The Pay it Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self book will be out on the 30th of November, 2022 on Amazon and Kindle, featuring 12 new authors from across the globe, writing from the heart and paying forward their stories of bravery to help others. 


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