San Francisco, California Feb 19, 2019 ( - Pop music lovers will get yet another reason to witness a mesmerizing music experience this season and the sheer credit goes to the ravishing diva Sofi Saint. The Trinidadian-American singer-performer and fashion designer really needs to get some extra attention.  Sofi is really setting new goals for other artists with her versatility and commitment to the art form. She has released her debut album in 2018 that has attained huge popularity in different music streaming platforms. Also, she has actively given live performances in various stages across the United States and other countries like Jamaica, UK, Nigeria, Trinidad etc. her debut pop single  the beauty of Life has attained huge appreciation from pop music lovers all around the globe. Currently, the trending singles from her music gallery are All in Head and Why.

What makes Sofi different from other pop singers is the flavors of Caribbean music that is blended with her pop compositions. Her unique voice quality and her picture-perfect stage presence further add credibility to her stardom.  However, she has not turned into a star overnight and just at the age of two years she made her first step into the music world. Sofi has performed for the Prime Minister of Trinidad and she has spread positivity with her pop and gospel music excellence in the venues like  Providence Art Center, Seven Day advertise Church and more. Sofi is immensely inspired by artists like Michael Jackson, Prince, Cyndi Lauper etc. However, she has her own individual style in terms of singing and presentation and that makes her a rising superstar.

The single All in Head is a beautiful pop track with peppy music score and Sofis singing style takes the single to the next level. The interesting music score and editing and sound effects make it a perfect party banger single. The single Why brings out the best in Sofi. Her sensual voice score and the beautiful lyrics set the tone for the single. Sofi Saint is steadily moving forward towards the path of success and soon she is going to become the most celebrated pop artist in the mainstream. To have a closer sneak peek in her personal life, follow her on Instagram

Visit her official page and keep listening to her bang on music pieces.

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