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Columbus, Ohio Nov 10, 2022 ( - The Enterprise World, a business magazine, a platform for all the master business minds to share their stories of success, releases a number of magazines in the month of October 2022.

These projects feature the stories of business pioneers who are widely appreciated for the quality offerings and services of their companies.

Here are the stories from October 2022 of companies and business leaders ruling over their particular sectors.

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Most Recommended Enterprise Mobility Solution Companies in 2022

Organizations today are going fully remote owing to the benefits to them and their employees. The most important thing that makes it all happen.

Mindglobal is a leading managed mobility and telecom expense management company. Mindglobal was founded in 2000, with its base of operations in Austin, Texas. Mindglobal is still run by its co-founders, Kevin Whitehurst and David Wise.

Top 5 Contract Management Solution Providers in 2022

CobbleStone Software

This software helps organizations in better time management, cost-cutting, and avoiding negligible risks.

CobbleStone Software was founded in 1995 by Executive Vice President Mark Nastasi.  Originally named CMTS, it was the pioneer contract tracking software platform.  From there, CobbleStone developed CobbleStone Contract Insight its award-winning enterprise contract management, vendor management, eProcurement, and eSourcing software solution.  Based in Princeton, New Jersey, the company has served clients from ranging industries including healthcare, government, education, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences for over 20 years and counting.

The Most Successful Business Leaders to Watch in 2022

Jonathan Grammer

U.S. Carbon Capture works with industrial facilities in capturing their carbon dioxide emissions and transporting them for sequestration underground. The future security of Americas energy infrastructure is dependent upon its ability to control net carbon dioxide emissions. Fossil fuels are currently the foundation of the global economy and renewable energy is the clean and effective path toward the future.

U.S. Carbon Capture strives to make a practical energy transition possible by helping Americas existing energy infrastructure approach Carbon Neutrality in the near term.

The Best SAP Service Providers in 2022


Vroozi is a business spend management and accounts payable invoice automation platform for the modern workforce.  Vroozi integrates an e-commerce marketplace, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to orchestrate and digitize B2B transactions with speed and confidence allowing organizations to realize immediate cost savings in terms of productivity, accuracy, and item pricing. 

The Most Successful Business Leaders To Watch Out 

Timothy McAuley

Dr. McAuley received his Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Engineering and his MS in Chemistry from Clarkson University along with a BS in Biochemistry from The College of Saint Rose. He has directed, managed, and consulted on numerous domestic and global environmental consulting and research studies, has been invited to give several keynote speeches, and has become a global resource for environmental forward-thinking.

With almost two decades of experience as a leader in the air quality human health exposure and risk arena, Timothy is a recognized environmental strategist and entrepreneur. S

The Best Franchises To Buy in 2022

810 Billiards and Bowling

810 Billiards and Bowling is a full-on entertainment zone, handcrafted to enable you to have a great time, with family, friends, co-workers, and even when youre going solo! The idea behind 810 Billiards and Bowling came from its Founder & CEO, Michael Siniscalchi.

The Most Influential Women To Watch In 2022

Mindy Rothenberger

Mindy Rothenberger is the President and CEO at Southpoint Financial Services. Her vast experience in the mortgage and financial industry has proven to be a great catalyst for her success.

Her vast experience and knowledge of the underwriting guidelines gave her an edge when counseling mortgage loan borrowers in the purchase of a home, or the refinance of an existing home.

Most Trusted Change Management Consulting/Service Companies

VIKRITI Management Consulting

Founded in 2015, VIKRITI Management Consulting is a company that specializes in delivering complex change management projects, all with a people-centric approach. VIKRITI is a certified woman-owned, minority-owned and small business.

VIKRITI Management Consulting differentiates itself from other companies with its dedicated focus on all the stakeholders in its clients organizations. This key factor ensures acceptance and alignment across the entire organization and helps them implement successful, long-term change.

The Most Influential Women To Watch In 2022

Priya Prakash

For years, pallets have been the neglected backbone of the entire logistics industry. Pallets are often made out of Pinewood, after the use of which most of them end up in landfills. Only a few pallets can be reused. 

This was a major pain point of the entire process. Priya identified the scattered and unorganized structure of the way most manufacturers work. 

Priya Prakash set out on a mission to correct this and thus Co-founded EcoPallet, a start-up that focused on manufacturing lightweight yet high-strength and environmentally friendly pallets. 

Upcoming Editions for November:

For the upcoming months of November and December, The Enterprise World has planned several Special Editions as well as Yearly Exclusive Editions. Stay tuned for more updates.

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