The Journey, Not the Outcome, Matters – Vinay Singh, Founder and CEO of Topshot Events LLC, Topshotlife and Co

New York City, New York May 11, 2020 ( - Nothing is impossible it might sound too ideal, but if you possess an indomitable spirit and a never-say-die attitude, you can achieve the world well said by Vinay Singh. Thats not all you can inspire and influence people with your ideas and thoughts at the click of a button. Yes, the event industry has built an empire of influencers, who are icons in their own niche and relate to the masses in an effective manner. One such name that comes to mind for great achievements in the US event industry is Vinay Singh.

The journey of entrepreneurship is challenging and exciting at the same time. And the way an entrepreneur conducts that journey speaks volumes about their personality and approach to business and life in general. Meet Vinay Singh a dynamic business owner and a true lover of dance, music and entertainment, Vinay has embarked on a path of entrepreneurship that defines him as an individual and reflects his personality.

Many of todays most iconic personalities in business, sports and politics did not get to where they are without their share of failures or rejections from their passion. Truly, the one quality that differentiates those who succeeded from those who did not is the ability to persevere in spite of the situation. Vinay Singh has been credited with several inspirational quotations. But perhaps his most regarded one is, A dream is only a dream ad will remain so if you do not take steps to make that dream a reality.

CEO and founder of Topshots Events LLC, Vinay Singh oversees the strategic direction of the company together with his management team who combines industry experience and visionary thinking. Mr. Vinay has been through a lot with Topshots Events, diverse ups and downs and challenges, though his spark for entrepreneurship started after moving to Dallas, TX, where he volunteered at Bollywood concerts and events. During his early time in the event industry at Dallas saw him facing challenges but he identified his flaws and weaknesses and worked on them until they became his strengths.

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Everything has its prime time and nothing lasts permanently has always been Vinays motto. He knew that he cant rest on his laurels and that the event industry is dynamic and fast-moving. The only constant is change.

When asked about his early days growing up Vinay had this to say We all need escapism from life from time to time, especially now when we are facing this terrible COVID-19 pandemic.  I personally need singing, dancing, music and other forms of entertainment. Some people are fortunate to be gifted with artistic skills to entertain their friends and family as singers, actors, musicians, etc.  I belong in the category of a dancer which I grew up loving from the time I was very young.  Unfortunately, coming from a very conservative family, with cultural restrictions, I was not allowed to join a dance school.  However, that did not stop me from learning everything I could about dancing. I believe you can do whatever your heart desires if you have the will to do so.

Vinay Singh has gained major coin from his event company which has put his lifetime worldwide box office gross to a significant amount. Vinay now commands pocketing some real amount of figures as an entrepreneur. The celebrated entrepreneur career is on a roller-coaster with numerous achievements and awards been tagged to his name. Vinay Singh is with no doubt one of the biggest action entrepreneurs we have right now, particularly if you put capes and suits aside.

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