Young and Promising Singer-Songwriter JustMario Presents his Creative Artistry through his Soothing Soundscape

Loose Leaf NTDN and Vixen by JustMario

New York-based hip hop artist JustMario caters to every mood of the global hip hop lovers with his rhythmically unique and unparalleled lyrical ballads.

Acworth, Georgia Sep 11, 2021 ( - Contemporary music is quite versatile in terms of its rhythms and lyrics. Most musicians now do not want to be labeled by a single genre. One of the youngest musicians Mario M Delva, better known as JustMario, is breaking the limits of conventional music with his brilliant genre-bending melodies. He has dropped a brand new single, 'Loose Leaf' on major streaming platforms, showcasing an enticing singing ability. His blissful voice hypnotizes the audience. The next single, 'NT-DN' sports a more exuberant resonance with a power-packed rhyming scheme. The rhythmic resonance of the track, 'Vixen' is charismatic and futuristic at some points.

Originally from Queens, New York, the aspiring musician has moved to the city of Atlanta, chasing his dreams of becoming a successful music career. He has been interested in music from a very young age. He soon started singing and rapping expressing his mind. He has shown great potential from the beginning and has grown a lot throughout the years. His music is extremely heart-warming and resonates with many. It takes the audience to a tantalizing reverie of acoustic bliss.

Working in association with the production house FIOM, JustMario is swiftly topping the popularity chart with his brilliant lyrical creations. His newly released singles, 'Loose Leaf', 'NT-DN', and 'Vixen' are extremely thought-provoking and entertaining at the same point. He has blended the different elements from other genres and the regions he lives in the singles to make them as exciting as possible. Listen to his vast collection on Spotify. And make sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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Loose Leaf:




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